USDCAD Double Bottom At Trendline 19-02-25

Yesterday was a nice and very profitable double bottom signal on USDCAD M30 directly at a rising trend line. Such setups have a very high success rate of around 75%.

Double bottoms at trend lines is one of our standard setups as you can see in the following sketch:



The following screenshot shows the bigger picture of this setup. A nice rising trend line which is visible on the time frame D1. The double bottom occurred directly at the trend line:



And here you can see the result of the trade. The trade has produced a 3R winning move since yesterday :)



This example shows you the power of signals that occur directly at and in direction of trend lines. You could have also traded a V-Power entry exactly at the same price level.

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The same trend line was also a key component of my analysis on some weeks ago.

My analysis was about a short term upward move because of two nested bullish divergences directly at the trend line. And the analysis, which i posted hours before the upward move occurred, worked perfectly as expected :)

Daily time frame with trend line:


Nested bullish divergences visible on H1:


 The first profit target (highest probability):



I wanted to post regularly on to get more outreach. But the staff of needed 8 hours to review my analysis and press the publish button. This reaction time is far too slow for my analysis and preferred time frames. So probably this was my first and only analysis on









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