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In this section you will see real-chart examples of the trading system: V-Power



Yesterday I made an announcement of a long trade on EURUSD.

This setup had multiple edges which all add to the probability that we will have a profitable trade. I will explain those edges in detail.

Here you can see the screenshot of the telegram messages in the moment when I announced the setup:



And here you can see the result of the trade :)



Probably the move will go much higher. But if you know my trading style, then you know that I'm happy to exit on the same day if a good profit move was created.

The following chart shows the reason why I think that the moves will go much higher. 3 major stop loss levels were taken out. Then the sharp reversal occurred which is a good indication that the smart money has a lot of long orders to distribute at higher prices.




Why was this setup so extremely good as I mentioned above?

There are two additional reasons:

1. The price was extremely oversold (please read about the smart money 3 day cycle) because we saw 6 consecutive downward days.

2. The smart money did not re-accumulate short orders during the downward move. This is a great indication that the smart money MUST be heavy long in the meantime (all the more after the major sell stop levels were taken out, see the H4 screenshot above)


Here you can see the 6 days downward trend without a re-accumulation:



A re-accumulation of short orders could have looked as shown in the following screenshot (recent highs are taken out). If that would have happened then 3 further downward days would be possible:



 The following sketch shows that the re-accumulation is also part of the Wyckoff-cycle:


In the next screenshot you can see the climactic move (steeper than the preceding downward move) which is also a good indicator that the trend is most probably over:



 The climactic move is also part of the Wyckoff-cycle as you can see in the following sketch:

If you wait for such high probability trading setups then you can have a nearly pain-free live as a trader :)


Happy trading to you! If you didn't download the FREE version of V-Power until now, then you can do it here: Download FREE Version







Yesterday I made an announcement of two trades around 1 hour before the entry signal occurred.

The setups were on EURAUD and EURNZD. You can see the screenshot of the telegram messages:



And as expected, both pairs moved good. EURNZD really exploded :)

And there was a reason why these setups were so good!



Why were these setups so good?

Answer: In the moment of the V-Power entry signal there was an edge within an edge. This means that there was an advantage from bigger picture in the moment of the V-Power signal. That's what I always teach! :)

What was the edge of the bigger picture?

Answer: If you look at the chart above you can see that there was a very strong bullish divergence at the same time when the V-Power signal was generated. The market was ready to explode to the upside. The V-Power signal gave us a very early entry into this explosive upward move.


The following screenshot of the time frame D1 (which we usually use for our bigger picture analysis for AAA+ setups) shows the position of the signal on EURNZD.The D1 time frame did NOT show an additional edge. The additional edge (the bullish divergence) was only visible on H1:



The standard AAA+ setup with V-Power (first pullback in a new trend visible on D1) is the default setup which is explained here: V-Power AAA+ Setups

The first pullback occurred some days earlier. The lower black arrow points to the first pullback of the new upward trend, where you could have looked for V-Power long entries. You can see that these AAA+ setups usually also produce a big profit move after the entry:



Because repetition is GOLD :) please check the following 4 screenshots. They show valid Vs and inverted Vs which produce our entry signals on H1:


a valid V-formation:


another valid V-formation:


 a nice inverted V-formation:



 and another inverted V-formation:


Happy trading to you! If you didn't download the FREE version of V-Power until now, then you can do it here: Download FREE Version







I already introduced the steeper trend line (Pump And Dump) setups many times before.

On 19th December you could have entered short int exactly such a setup on NZDCAD. The original rules for this setup would have produced a 1R winning trade.

1R totally acceptable because of the very high winning percentage of this type of setup. But this trade had a very high probability give a much bigger winning trade!

And in fact, you could have enjoyed a 6R winning move from that setup!

Before I will explain why this setup could have produced such a big winner, I will make a small recap of the original V-Power pump and dump rules. (Click here for the complete details)


A possible pump and dump short setup develops if a steeper trend line develops away from a less steep (base) trend line. The thicker green rising trend line is the base trend line. The thinner green trend line is the steeper trend line. You can clearly see that room/vacuum develops between these two trend lines.

This vacuum is usually filled again. Therefore the base trend line makes a logical target area after we enter with an inverted V entry signal. The following screenshot shows the entry, stop and target area which would have resulted in a 1R winning trade:



But the winning move of that short signal went much further than to the base trend line. And this further move could have been anticipated with very high probability!



And you can find the reason for this big winning move if you analyze the H4 time frame.

You can see that the trend line of the upward trend (which lasted since October) was broken and that the V-Power short entry signal came exactly at the re-test of this broken trend line!



Armed with such trading knowledge you can decide the quality of your trading yourself. It all depends on how selective and patient you want to be with your trading!


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Yesterday I made a live call of a long setup on GBPJPY which produced 50 pips within only 3 hours :)

The setup was an AAA+ setup because it occurred during the first pullback of the new trend on the daily time frame in direction of the trend of the daily time frame.

The following video explains the details of this trade:  




Read More About V-Power (The Complete Explanation)  


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The following screenshots are showing the explanation that I gave in the private group regarding this setup: 



This was the situation on the daily time frame in the moment when i announced the signal:



This the corresponding H1 time frame:



The trade result:







Further explanations regarding the setup:
















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