Analysis 19-12-18

This blog post explains V-Power entries within Golden Setups.

V-Power is a trading system with automation possibilities that gives you an edge over the market. To achieve a much higher winning percentage you can combine high probability setups with V-Power e.g. Golden Setups.

Here you can read everything about the V-Power system and download a free version: V-Power System Explanation + FREE Version

Here is a detailed explanation how you can get a huge edge over the market by using Golden Setups: Golden Setups explained



Possible Next Golden Setups at the moment



  This week, on W1/D1 we’re seeing the market is going to hit your major resistance level that could act as an “Event Area”. The Revelant Key Levels are Resistance at 118.89, Support at 110.16 and 108.79. Since November 25th the trend has been bullish.



 Bearish Pin Bar on D1 formed three days ago near at the highs around at 118.89 level (counter-trend) A sharp reversal may now come.


 On H1 time frame a  “V Pattern” formed within of the Pin Bar on December 13th under the 118.89 resistance level.


The solid black line are showing the base trend line of the initial move on the 1 Hour chart. The dotted line are showing the upward steeper trend lines.

However, the steeper upward trend line has not yet penetrated the major resistance level 118.89 that is prerequisite number 1 for a Golden Setup

Let's remember, the steep and matured trend are prerequisites number 1 for a clear Golden Buy/Sell Signal Setup

Now, look for Bearish Divergences H1/M30 near to long term resistence level (labeled with a blue line)

To summarize,

  • Steep upward trend line = OK
  • Matured UpWard Trend= NO
  • A major resistance price level on W1/D1= OK
  • A regular divergence on H1 /M30 = NO


Golden Setups which occurred recently


In the chart below (D1), we can see on AUDUSD a bearish trend (labeled with the red arrow); we saw potential for it to re-test recent lows near 0.67680 and .67236.


On H1 time frame the market (AUDUSD) is making a pattern of lower highs and lower lows for a downtrend. Note: I think that observing a market’s price action, from left to right, is the better way to identify a trend. In the chart below, a new downtrend was tentatively confirmed because the swing points are lower i.e. the trends  ebb and flow and they will often retrace back to the previous swing point or slightly beyond it, before the trend resumes again.



In the screenshot below shows the time frame M30 with a first bullish divergence inside the bearish triangle on November 21th. However, the price continued to fall very close to the support on D1 (key long term level). A second bullish divergence developed on November 28th


A day after the major support level price was broken (the sell stops of the herd were triggered below the support) the sharp and strong reversal to the upside occurred. Prices moved up strongly from this Golden Setup that formed at the 0.6768 level and a trend change takes place because the last Lower Low now be came in Higher Low. See chart below.

To summarize,

  • Steep downward trend line = OK (during eight days)
  • Matured DownWard Trend= OK (both downward moves penetrate the major support level 0.6768)
  • A major support price level on D1= OK (0.6768 level)
  • A regular divergence on H1 /M30 = OK

Here you can read everything about the V-Power system and download a free version: V-Power System Explanation + FREE Version

By joining the V-Power community you will get access to a very active private telegram group with experienced members: Join the V-Power Community



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