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Example1: What to do when Andro announces a buy setup?


Andro analyzes the bigger time frames (H4/D1) for you and detects highest probability reversal setups. You can then trade on M1/M5/M15 in direction of the setups which are detected by Andro.

You can spot the entry signals on M1/M5/M15 visually with the STME-indicator or you can enable the STME-Alert-indicator and receive the entry signals in real-time via email, mobile push or MT4 alerts.

The procedure for entering a trade on M1/M5/M15 is quite simple and Andro already does the most important part (he selects a high probability setup for you).

As I said, the procedure for entering a trade is very easy. You only need to check 3 conditions are fulfilled.

These 3 conditions are:

1. Is the blue line leading the price a lot (far away from the price)?

2. And is the orange line also leading the price?

3. And did the price pull back between to two stair-like lines (the entry zone)?

If all 3 conditions are met, then we can enter the trade. Luckily the STME-Alert-indicator does the checks of these 3 conditions for you and you don't need to check the charts constantly.


The following real-chart example will show a buy signal on M5 within a buy setup spotted by Andro.


Andro Spotted A Buy Setup


If Andro has spotted a buy setup then he will draw an upward arrow on the chart. He will announce the buy setup very early before the upward move occurs.

The green ellipse in the following screenshot shows the time when Andro approximately announces the buy setup. As you can see, you will have a lot of time to prepare for the buy trade.


The following screenshot of the H4 timeframe labels the area where the buy signal occurred on the M5 timeframe:

 Now we will zoom in and examine the timeframe M5 where the entry signal occurred. In the following screenshot I have labeled all 3 conditions that need to be fulfilled to give a valid entry signal.

1. You can see that the blue line starts leading strong

2. You can see that while the price makes the pullback also the orange line starts leading the price.

3. The price pulls back into the entry zone between the two stair-like lines.

If these 3 conditions are fulfilled then you are in a high probability trade which has an additional edge from the setup of the bigger time frame which Andro selected for you:


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