Great Teaching Session - MagicEntry Withing Divergences


Yesterday Brown our MagicEntry-Guru did a free weekend training session with 80+ members.

He showed how easy it is to trade MagicEntry on M5 in direction of divergences on H4:



By watching the video you will also see how you can train your skills, even during the weekends. The strategy tester of MT4 and a special trading simulator (which is available free) makes it possible to gain years of trading experience within only a few hours of training during the weekend: 





You can spot the trade setups with the MagicEntry-Indicator and you can receive alerts with the MagicEntry-Alerter.

You can receive alerts when divergences occur with the Divergence-Alerter.

If you want to understand the blue and orange lines of the MagicEntry-Indicator even betther then read these two articles: Article1 and Article2



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