As I heard from a few customers, sometimes Metatrader can be a little bit stubborn. It doesn't load enough candles on the chart and therefore it doesn't show the orange line of the indicator. This article explains how you will get all indicator values drawn on your charts. 

To calculate the blue and the orange line of the indicator of the PerfectTrendSystem Metatrader4 needs to have at least 3800 candles loaded on the chart.

You need to configure Metatrader to load up to 10000 candles (Menu: Tools -> Options), as shown in following screenshot.



After that you have two possibilities to download the necessary amount of candles manually:

1. Downloading Data With The "Page Up"-Button
2. Downloading Data Via MT4 History Center


1. Downloading Data With The "Page Up"-Button


Before you can download data with the "Page Up"-Button ("Bild auf" on German keyboards) of your keyboard you need to deactivate autoscrolling of the chart. To do that you need to right-click on the chart and then select "Properties":



In the "Properties"-Window you have to deselect the checkbox "Chart autoscroll" as shown in the following screenshot:



After that you can confirm the settings with "OK". Now you can press (and hold for 3 to 5 seconds) the "Page Up"-Button. Now the necessary amount of candles (>3800) should be loaded on the chart. Switch to all other timeframes of the instrument and press the "Page Up"-Button again for 3 to 5 seconds. After that all timeframes of the instrument should have enough candles loaded on the chart. You can now activate autoscrolling again.

If this procedure didn't help then you can try the following procedure:



2. Downloading Data Via MT4 History Center


You can open the History Center via the Menu "Tools - History Center". Then you need to find the trading instrument for which you want to download the data and double click on any timeframe. In the big table of the history center the available candle data for this instrument and the selected timeframe is now listed.


Next we want to delete all available data. To achieve this we select the first row of the candle data:

Next you have to click with the left mouse button on the scroll bar (red circle) and keep the button pressed:

With the pressed left mouse button you move the scrollbar down to the last row of the candle data:

You now have to release the mouse button and press the SHIFT-key on your keyboard and hold the key pressed. After that you click with the left mouse button on the last row of the candle data (red rectangle):

Now all rows are selected:

 You can release the SHIFT-button and click with the left mouse button on the Delete-Button (red circle):


Now all data rows are deleted:

You can now download the candle data by clicking on the Download-button:

Please accept with OK:

The data will be downloaded. Usually you have now a lot more data available. After the data is downloaded please double click with the left mouse button on all timeframes of the trading instrument (red rectangle). The candle data for all timeframes should now be created and you should see the orange line on all timeframes.

Some Metatrader versions need a separate downloading of the data of all timeframes. In this example we have downloaded the data while the timeframe H1 was selected. If the orange line is not drawn on other timeframes, even after this downloading procedure, then please repeat the download procedure for the remaining problematic timeframes too.


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